The Bricklin 3EV

The Bricklin 3EV is Redefining the Price of Fabulous in design and quality, interior comfort, driving experience, safety, environmental impact, and price. Sold and serviced by a professional network of America’s best and most customer-centric automobile dealers.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price:   $25,980

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Design & Quality

Fabulous Design and Quality — Sleek, dramatic styling only seen in the most luxurious, exclusive automobiles. Remarkable design language and aerodynamic architecture. The gorgeous lines animate the promise of performance. OEM quality that’s built in . . . excellence in reliability and state-of-the-art race car safety, beyond great looks. Exterior styling changed every 25,000 units, to enhance the used car value.

Fabulous Interior — The 3EV surrounds passengers with sumptuous materials, superb workmanship, state-of-the-art technology, audio, connectivity, and intuitive controls. The finely executed cockpit is a masterpiece of ergonomics and human-machine interface: an exceptionally quiet environment of comfort, luxury, safety, aesthetics, performance, and cargo room.

Driving Experience

Fabulous Driving Experience — Vehicle dynamics featuring a wide front stance, reverse-trike configuration, long wheelbase, and short overhang… seamlessly integrated with advanced all-electric mobility… working together to deliver exceptional driving fun and exhilarating performance, acceleration, ride, handling, stability, steering, safety, and responsiveness.


Fabulous for the Environment — Pure EV. Certified zero emissions. No tailpipe pollutants. Great news for the earth. Great value for you.

Sales & Service

Fabulous Sales and Service — The Bricklin 3EV will be featured, sold, and serviced by a professional network of America’s best and most customer-centric automobile dealers . . . dedicated to giving you a fabulous shopping, acquisition, and ownership experience.